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How an MBA can help pivot your career

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By: Patti Brown & Larry Medina

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About This Webinar

Gone are the days when a bachelor’s degree was enough to set a graduate up for a long and fulfilling career. Today, careers are not only projected to extend with life expectancy, but career switching and having multiple vocations is on the rise, as is the competition to find ways in which to stand out from the mainstream.

Millennials (commonly defined as those born between 1982 and 2004) will, on average, change jobs four times in their first 10 years after graduating, twice as much as their predecessors, the ‘Gen-Xers’.

Indeed, a principal advantage of attending business school is the MBA’s potential to inject the skills and know-how that can enable a career change, and approximately 40% of students take the qualification precisely because this is one of their primary objectives, according to the QS Applicant Survey 2015.  

An MBA program’s delivery of general management skills required by most, if not every organization, enables graduates to explore their options across a wider range of sectors, giving them significantly greater flexibility. Another reason the MBA is a favorite among those looking at career change is the international prestige the qualification carries among employers, and its promise to deliver on high quality networking opportunities (especially at an elite business school).

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Expected take-aways

  • What exactly does it mean to pivot your career?
  • What are the different degrees of a career pivot?
  • What does it take to switch careers successfully?
  • How will the ESSEC Global MBA help you succeed in your career pivot to Consulting, Tech or Luxury?
  • What should you be aware of when considering a career pivot?

Webinar Speakers

Patti Brown

Director, ESSEC Global MBA

Patti Brown is Director of the Global MBA and the MSc in Hospitality Management (IMHI) at ESSEC Business School. She has 20 years of international experience in the areas of Management, Sales, Business Development, Digital Solutions and early talent recruiting with a particular focus on the Higher Education sector. Patti also brings experience in building corporate and university relationships internationally.



Larry Medina

Head- Career Services, Alumni & Corporate [email protected] ESSEC

Larry Medina is Head of Career Services, Corporate & Alumni Relations for ESSEC Asia Pacific. He is a seasoned professional in Student Services, Finance, Human Resources, Accounting and Operations, with 29 years of professional experience in Asia (19 years), North America and Europe. Larry is passionate about helping others reach their career aspirations through 1-on-1 sessions and career development workshops.  He brings a unique mixture of professional experience that blends theory with practical guidance.

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About The Institute

Created in 1907, ESSEC Business School is a world-school with French roots. Its purpose is to give meaning to the leadership of tomorrow and have a global impact. ESSEC’s academic excellence is recognized through its international standards in management training and it holds the prestigious ”triple crown“ of accreditations: EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA. At the core of the ESSEC learning experience is a combination of excellence and distinctiveness. ESSEC’s unique educational model is based on multiple learning experiences that foster the acquisition of cutting-edge knowledge with the development of know-how and life skills.

Global MBA Program at ESSEC

Open the doors to your desired industry with the ESSEC Global MBA, a 12-month full-time program delivered in France and Singapore. Through its 3 majors: Strategy & Management, Luxury Brand Management, and Strategy & Digital Leadership, participants are equipped with a macro-view of core business functions coupled with industry-specific skills and knowledge to help them make a successful career switch to industries such as consulting, tech, or luxury.

A holistic MBA experience encompassing hard and soft skills through trainings on in-demand industry certifications, personal branding and development workshops, as well as career development support, will give you the tools you need to make the career leap.

The notion of sustainability is also integrated in the program through conferences and related courses, sensitizing participants to the importance of social responsibility in the face of business.

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