Business Webinar


Oct' 2022

Hosted by QS LEAP

How can Tsinghua Global MBA expand your future

02:00 PM (UTC) 1 Hour

By: Lena Xiaoxia

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About This Webinar

Throughout the past challenging years, disruptive global changes are indeed increasing Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA). VUCA requires broad vision and excellent resilience which is hard to prepare yourself through the traditional way of professional skills. This is where the global MBA in a foreign country provides you with the competency you need to give your future a new direction.

In this webinar, you will learn how studying abroad for a Global MBA in the most dynamic country- strengthens your skills, and diverse thinking and expands your opportunities globally for tomorrow's challenges with a global mindset.

Register and attend this LIVE webinar on "How can Tsinghua Global MBA expand your future" to lead your path to an excellent MBA adventure, and get ready for the VUCA World.

Key takeaways:

  1. Find out how a Tsinghua Global MBA expands the future for international students through academic resources, career opportunities, networks, and China's strengths.
  2. Get insider insights on the application, admission, and scholarships.
  3. Listen to the study experience and stories from current MBA students. 
  4. Get to interact with an admission staff.

What's more, the live webinar will be followed by a Q&A session where you can pose your questions to the speakers in real-time and get answers right away.

Webinar Speakers

Lena Xiaoxia

Director-Global Collaboration and Admissions

Xiaoxia LYU has been the director of the global admission team at Tsinghua MBA Programs for many years and has extensive experience in the higher-education field.

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About The Institute

The Tsinghua Global MBA Programme in collaboration with MIT is tailored for future leaders who aspire to careers on the global stage while maintaining a focus on China.

Tsinghua University is ranked the no. 1 university in Asia based on QS World University Rankings 2022. Studying abroad in Tshinghu will bring you a top gateway to diving into China. Their global partnerships with leading universities including MIT, Columbia University, and HEC provide their students with world-class business education and Global opportunities.

The programme they offer:

  • Tsinghua Global MBA programme.

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