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How does an MBA help you to pivot your career?

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By: Benjamin Borngräber

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About This Webinar

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an advanced qualification for anyone wanting to build on their professional opportunities and grow their career. Its specialized pathway helps students to develop skills in key business-related areas such as people management, project delivery and reporting. An MBA also teaches valuable networking and communication skills, enabling students to develop personal and professional networks

And If you’re looking to make a career pivot? 

This webinar will help you understand how an MBA could be a good move to face the challenge with open eyes and how business school is a great time to gain exposure to peers, faculty, and a network of alumni from many professional backgrounds — as well as class projects and case studies that dive deeply into different industries and sectors.

Register & watch this On-demand webinar video titled "How does an MBA help you to pivot your career?" to develop the necessary skills and experience to become a business leader in almost any market area.

Key takeaways:

  • Know how the Career Development Center supports students.
  • Learn how the academics & activities at IESE help you to pivot your career
  • Get practical advice from recent Alumni who were able to pivot their careers.


Webinar Speakers

Benjamin Borngräber

Berthelsen Associate Director@IESE Career Development Center

Benjamin is an Associate Director of the IESE Career Development Center, responsible for Business Development. He holds a B.A. in Economics, a B.S. in Business Administration, an M.S in International Finance, and an MBA from IESE Business School (Class of 2019). Prior to the MBA, he worked across Asset Servicing, CIB Markets Marketing, and Asset Management Fund Research. Before joining the CDC team at IESE, he worked at Traveloka in Southeast Asia, managing the marketing and revenue teams for Australia, Europe, and East Asia and led the product development for market entry into East Asia.

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About The Institute

IESE Business School is a global business school offering MBA and Executive Education programs. Ranked #1 in the world by FT since 2015. The IESE MBA is your deep dive into a global business. Delivered over 15 or 19 months, it offers the depth, a breadth of knowledge, and the option to gain hands-on experience of international business across five continents. You customize your learning with a choice of electives, internships, overseas modules, and exchange programs. The MBA will have a profound and lasting impact on your career, and your future.

The program intends to offer:

  • MBA

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