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How studying in Italy is cost-effective

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By: Eleonora Lazzarin & Beatrice Vecchio & Laura Pistarini Teixeira Nunes

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About This Webinar

In Europe, Italy is one of the most popular study abroad destinations. If you’re looking for affordable degrees in Europe, you should consider studying in Italy. It is home to one of the world’s oldest academic institutions, which offer high-quality education with low tuition fees. From enhancing your global network to experiencing a new culture, the benefits to your education and career are significant. 

This webinar will help you understand how Italy is a fantastic study abroad destination, where you will not only enrich your academic knowledge, but you will improve cultural awareness and intelligence which will, in turn, boost your chances of landing an international career.

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Key takeaways:

  • Gain insights on the real cost of studying and living in Italy.
  • Explore numerous benefits and facilities provided at the University of Pavia.
  • Know more about the Tuition Fees & Scholarship opportunities.
  • Learn about the various Master's degree programs taught in English at the University of Pavia.

Webinar Speakers

Eleonora Lazzarin & Beatrice Vecchio

Welcome Officer & Marketing and Recruitment Officer

Eleonora Lazzarin is a Welcome Officer at the University of Pavia. She is an intercultural mediator with a specialization in the Arabic language and Islamic cultures. She previously worked in the migration field, supporting asylum seekers, then she dedicated her career to international students. 

Beatrice Vecchio is a Marketing and Recruitment Officer in charge of agents, educational consultants, and recruiters for the University of Pavia. She is not only a member of the University staff but also a student at the Faculty of Humanistic Studies.


Laura Pistarini Teixeira Nunes

Master’s Graduate in World Politics & International Relation

Laura Pistarini Teixeira Nunes is an Italian-Brazilian Master’s Graduate in World Politics and International Relations. She is a research intern at both the Budapest Centre for Mass Atrocities Prevention and the Institute for Cultural Relations Policy. Her major interests range from international cooperation and security to human rights protection, more specifically within ethnic conflicts. Being a strong believer in the importance of international solidarity and active citizenship, she is also an EU Aid Volunteer.

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About The Institute

The University of Pavia is one of the world’s oldest academic institutions: officially established as an Universitas Studiorum in 1361, it remained the only university in Lombardy until the 20th Century.

Pavia has been a city campus since its foundation and continues to offer students a unique experience in Italy and rare in Europe: to stay at one of 20 university colleges.

Today, over 24,000 students, from both Italy and overseas, study at our university. The University of Pavia is a public and interdisciplinary University, composed of 18 departments offering study programmes in all subject areas and at all levels-from Bachelor’s degrees to PhDs. Close attention is paid to each student by our 900 professors and researchers.

With a wide variety of both academic and social opportunities, including a strong tradition of international exchanges, Pavia is the ideal place to study.

The program intends to offer:

  • M.Sc. in Civil Engineering for Mitigation of Risk from Natural Hazards
  • M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering
  • Master's in Electrical Engineering
  • M.Sc. in Industrial Automation Engineering
  • M.Sc. in Computer Engineering
  • M.Sc. in Economics, Finance, and International Integration
  • M.Sc. in International Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Master's in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Human Sciences
  • M.A. in The Ancient Mediterranean World-History, Archaeology 
  • M.A. in World Politics and International Relations
  • M.Sc. in Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • Master's in Medicine and Surgery

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