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How the digital experience boosts your MBA learning

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By: Alex Chisholm & Antonella Moretto

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About This Webinar

The impact of digital innovation and digital transformation so far has been massive!
This kind of change in the world of learning and of work has been both a threat and an opportunity. The scope of Artificial intelligence (AI) has gone up drastically and will definitively continue to improve the work of many professions by creating efficiencies and improving productivity in the years ahead. Accountants, for instance, are using technology to automate mundane work like data entry — reducing the chance of often costly mistakes. This means that professionals in this new era have the opportunity to learn and grow in environments where their human judgment rules the roost!
MIP Politecnico di Milano believes that this immersive digital experience is of essence in the MBA learning environment, simply because of the tremendous impact digital innovation and digital transformation has made in the MBA learning sphere today. Of course, it goes without saying that this digital experience stands for Artificial Intelligence.
Register &watch the on demand video on "How the digital experience boosts your MBA learning" to understand -
  • The advantages of pursuing an MBA
  • The prospects of an MBA embedded in a digital environment.
  • The benefits of an innovative, personalized, continuous learning platform (FLEXA) that leads you along the path to filling your skills gap efficiently.
  • The fantastic plus points of studying an MBA in  Milan - one of Europe's  most innovative and vibrant cities.
  • The ways in which you can make use of a dedicated career service at MIP and network with Companies for your final project work and placement.
  • All the information you may want about the International Full Time MBA at MIP to understand how you can flourish in a digital, AI-driven MBA ecosystem.

This webinar is  co-conducted by MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business and Alex Chisholm from QS.

Webinar Speakers

Alex Chisholm

Head of Analytics - QS

Alex is currently Head of Analytics for QS. His focus is on trends impacting students and schools in business education worldwide. Alex has more than a decade of experience working as a researcher and teacher in higher education. Prior to joining QS, Alex led the research team at the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) and he continues to teach applied data courses for Harvard University Extension School. He holds a master’s degree in economics from George Mason University and an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.


Alex brings a meaningful & data-driven insight into decisions that candidates take across the world for their higher studies. During this webinar, he intends to dig into his vast experience, guided by numbers, to present the advantages of pursuing an MBA.

Antonella Moretto

DY.Director - MBA & Exec MBA Div @MIP Politecnico di Milano

Antonella Moretto is Assistant Professor at the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano. She teaches Supplier Relationship Management at the MSc of Management Engineering and she is part of the core faculty of the MIP Graduate School of Business in the area of Purchasing and Supply Management.

She is Director of the Observatory Supply Chain Finance of Politecnico di Milano and Deputy Director of the MBA and Executive MBA Area at the MIP Graduate School of Business.

Since 2016, she is executive committee member of Ipsera, the international research association of Purchasing and Supply Management. 

Her main research interests are related to purchasing and supply management, supply chain finance, and sustainable supply chain management: on these topics, she has published papers on peer reviewed international journals.

She was involved in several consulting projects in the area of Purchasing and Supply Management.

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About The Institute

MIP Politecnico di Milano has been recognised as a prestigious business school for 40 years, attracting graduates interested in a managerial career in business or in public administration, together with companies wishing to enhance their organisation and strategies.

Created in 1979, MIP is a non-for-profit Consortium Limited Company between Politecnico di Milano and many Italian institutions and several leading public and private industrial groups.

For this reason, MIP is able to integrate distinctive academic know-how with practical professional experience derived from the world of business and consultancy.

By working directly with companies, we can truly understand and work within the real world, developing educational programmes and services in line with corporate needs.

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