Business Webinar


Feb' 2019

Hosted by QSLEAP

How to make conscious career decisions?

03:00 PM (UTC) 1 Hour

By: Jelena Radonjic & Francesca Comunello & Filippo Giordano

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About This Webinar

If you are looking for help to align your personal values & professional ambitions to chart out a successful career path, attend this free life-coaching session by Jelena Radonjic.

With over 25 yrs of experience in career coaching & fulfillment, Jelena will guide you on how to identify a meaningful career path, and build it on the foundation of your interests, passion & strengths.

  • Here are a few quick expected take-aways
  • Personal and professional values. And why they are important for your career
  • Aligning your strengths, interests, and passions with your career ambitions
  • If you intend to pursue higher-education (Masters) to enable career progress, what are questions you need to ask yourself before embarking on that journey
  • How to bring it all together for purposeful career development and career management

This webinar is sponsored by LUMSA - one of the oldest Universities in Rome (Italy), founded in 1939. With around 7,200 students, LUMSA is not just a high profile internationally recognized academic institution, it is also a place for personal development. Professionalism, growth & development are the University’s fundamental principles, along with teaching, employment, research, and the student experience.

Webinar Speakers

Jelena Radonjic

Award-Winning Coach, Career Fulfilment Coach, Speaker

Jelena is an experienced professional in the field of career coaching and personal coaching founded on 25 years experience in recruitment combined with many years of self development work and training. She has an extensive background in international recruitment and education, graduate and MBA recruitment, campus marketing, events delivery and management, business development and sales, and online solutions for recruitment and selection.

Francesca Comunello & Filippo Giordano

Professor of Internet Studies & Professor of Management

Francesca Comunello, PhD (Sapienza University, Rome), is an associate professor of Internet Studies in the Department of Humanities, Lumsa University, Rome (Italy). She has also taught social media management, online journalism, interactive system design, computer-mediated communication and sociology of communication.She is the Chair of the Master's Degree in Marketing & Digital Communication (Lumsa University).

Mr. Filippo Giordano is Associate Professor of Management at LUMSA University in Rome and program director of MSc in Management and Finance. He is also teaching fellow of Social Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics at Department of Management and Technology of Bocconi University and research affiliate at ICRIOS Bocconi Research Center.

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About The Institute

LUMSA is the second oldest university in Rome after La Sapienza: its history began with Luigia Tincani in 1939. The LUMSA is part of the national university system and issues degrees that have legal value equivalent to those of state universities. Preparation, growth, future together with attention to the student as a person, teaching, work and research are the characteristics of the University. It offers academic excellence tailored to the needs of the individual student.

Programs offered by LUMSA -

  1. MSC in Management and Finance which aims to train graduates with specific and qualified skills in management and finance required to operate as manager and consultant for companies, financial institutions and public administrations.
  2. Masters in Marketing & Digital communication that provides provides a comprehensive study of fundamental marketing and communication theory, as well as practical skills, abilities and tools in crafting and providing content through both traditional and digital media.

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