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How to use the QS World University Rankings

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By: Divya Mukhopadhyay

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About This Webinar

When you're looking to discover the perfect University and Course for your Undergraduate or Post-graduate education, research is key! Browsing the QS World University Rankings is often considered a great place to start that research - but is on outstanding rank really enough for you to make your decision? What are the finer factors that are adding up to the rank? Are all those factors the only factors you care about? Can there be a methodical way of evaluating these rankings?

Join this meetup to get answers to all these questions.
We'll have a discussion at the end, so you can ask us all your questions!
LEAP is the test prep vertical of QS, and joining this meetup may also help you get answers to some of those other questions that might be circling your mind!

Webinar Speakers

Divya Mukhopadhyay

Psychologist and Community Leader | QS-LEAP HQ

Divya has a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology from Bangor University in Wales, UK, and has closely studied varying models of behaviour and neuro-science. She has been immersed in the Education sector for four years now, working for and towards the betterment of young minds. She is particularly well-integrated with student behaviors because of her work with the student population, and consistently works toward enabling potential across students from all ages and backgrounds. Divya is also a Verbal Tutor for tests like the GMAT, GRE and SAT on the QS-LEAP platform.

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