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By: Victor Ronco

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About This Webinar

Watch this webinar recording by Victor Ronco the advertising & digital transformation manager at Volkswagen Group, Spain, who will throw light on the disruptive technologies that are emerging, focused on a new decentralized economic paradigm and its impact on currency markets as well as understanding the true potential of these innovations, how it's empowering the sharing economy and the new business opportunities that are emerging because of it.

He will also talk about how the contemporary Online MIB Progam (Online Master in Internet Business) is designed for the modern professionals, who want to gain a competitive advantage in digital business, entrepreneurs looking for ways to make their start-up excel or experienced professionals who want to take the next step to become internet experts.

Webinar Speakers

Victor Ronco

Advertising, Innovation & Digital Transformation Manager

Victor Ronco, currently Advertising, Innovation & Digital Transformation Manager Škoda at Volkswagen Group, started his career by studying Business Administration in Barcelona and specialized in Digital Marketing obtaining both a postgraduate title and a Masters Degree in this field. He has over 10 years of experience and has worked for large and relevant companies such as Santander, Red Bull, where he spent four years as Online Channel, Digital and Social Media Manager, and Danone, in the position of Senior Digital Media Manager (Iberia). As well as an active professional, he has devoted part of his time to training, is an associate professor at business schools like INESDI, CMUA, FBS, and ISDI, among others. In 2016 he co-founded Stand OUT Program a disruptive and intensive training program that allows developing new ideas, and social movements, as well as learning the necessary skills to outstand on the new economy.

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About The Institute


ISDI - The Worldwide Leader in Digital Education
Founded in 2009, ISDI is the world’s first digital business school. It was created with the aim of providing businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals, and organizations with high-caliber digital training adapted to current needs using agile methodologies. Since then, it’s grown into a world-class business school comprising of over 500 professors, who have worked as digital professionals with leading companies in the digital sector around the world, and current students benefit from a network of 14,000 alumni. Students have gone on to work for industry-disruptors, including Amazon, Facebook, Danone, Twitter, Accenture Interactive and KPMG Digital, to name a few. Budding entrepreneurs have also gone on to start their own internet businesses, such as Trip4Real - which was recently acquired by Airbnb - and, an online platform for filing claims with businesses across sectors.
ISDI ‌has stunning campuses across Madrid, Barcelona, Mexico City, and Silicon Valley in the United States.

In today's digital era, change is the only constant. Digital leaders follow a lean approach to both core and support functions. With this in mind, 90% of companies have significantly adjusted their operations in the past two years.

The Online Master in Internet Business (Online MIB) uses a combination of digital tool workshops and a backbone project involving the digitilization of a real company in order to prepare you for the transformation with real-world skills. All of this is done without having to alter your daily routine.

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