Business Webinar


Dec' 2017

Hosted by QS- LEAP

Internet of Things

05:00 PM (UTC) 1 Hour


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About This Webinar

Shwetak Patel, Professor in Computer Science and Engineering, and Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington will talk about the Internet of Things and his views on the future of IoT as it relates to technology innovation and new application areas. Topics will include what students can do to prepare for working in IoT-based industries. About University Of Washington:

The University of Washington (UW) is one of the world’s preeminent public universities. Our impact on individuals, our region, and the world is profound — whether we are launching young people into a boundless future or confronting the grand challenges of our time through undaunted research and scholarship. Ranked No. 10 in the world in Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s 2015 rankings, the UW educates more than 54,000 students annually. 

Global Innovation Exchange-

The Global Innovation Exchange (GIX) is a global partnership between major research universities and innovative corporations to develop thought leaders in innovation. The first two academic partners are the University of Washington and Tsinghua University, with initial partner support from Microsoft. GIX pioneers new forms of teaching and learning by connecting world-class learners and faculty with research-led companies and non-profits to collaborate on solutions to global challenges. GIX extends far beyond the walls of the Seattle-area facilities, attracting participants and encouraging collaboration unlimited by geography or discipline. Through project-based learning, students, researchers, and industry professionals create solutions to pressing global challenges such as health, sustainability, and social innovation.

Webinar Speakers

Professor in Computer Science and Engineering

Shwetak Patel is a Professor at University of Washington, where he directs his research group, the Ubicomp Lab. His work was honored by the New York Times as a top technology of the year in 2005.

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