Business Webinar


Apr' 2021

Hosted by QSLEAP

STEM Studies in Russia: Earn your Masters @Skoltech

03:00 PM (UTC) 1 Hour

By: Denis Stolyarov

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About This Webinar

Today’s STEM employers are in need of trained and qualified professionals. Pursuing a STEM career can provide you with job security, as well as a strong sense of being an integral force in our marketplace.

When you discover a field that is competitive and in high demand, you will often find a pretty paycheck. Going into STEM isn’t just a great way to get a job. It’s also a way to get a high-paying job.

If you’re determined to make a change in the world and work in the fields which will shape the future of humanity, your journey can start right now with a STEM Master’s degree abroad.

Register to watch this on-demand webinar video titled "STEM Studies in Russia: Earn your Masters @Skoltech" to discover about different opportunities STEM Master's degree have, to build your successful career path which is more fundamental and essential than ever.

Key takeaways:

  • What students of Skoltech’s STEM programs in Data Science, IoT, Space Engineering, Life Sciences, and other technological areas gain and how they can become leaders of the modern tech world.
  • Why pursuing STEM education in English is one of the best things you can do for your future career
  • How understanding the market needs and business applications can help you to take your research to another level. 
  • Student benefits, scholarships, and accommodation for international students at Skoltech
  • How building a network of globally renowned scientists and faculty will launch your career in academia, industry, or even entrepreneurship

Webinar Speakers

Denis Stolyarov

Head of Student Department

Denis Stolyarov, Head of Student Department at Skoltech. Denis holds an Engineering degree in Information Systems and Technology and has more than ten years of experience in the career, educational, and scientific projects development. Before Skoltech worked in the most innovative Russian city Innopolis launching the student recruitment process at Innopolis University; has a track record of civil service in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and military service in the scientific company of Russia's Air Force Academy. During the service performed research in the fields of information security and radio warfare, was awarded Medal for Achievements in the Innovation Technologies Development by Russia's Ministry of Defense, and Medal of Honor by National Defense University of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

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About The Institute

Skoltech is an international graduate research-focused university that was founded by world-renowned scientists in partnership with MIT. Skoltech's curriculum focuses on technology and innovation, offering Master's programs in 11 technological disciplines. Students receive rigorous theoretical and practical training, design their own research projects, participate in internships and gain entrepreneurial skills in English. The faculty is comprised of current researchers with international accreditation and achievements.

Skoltech ranks in the top 100 young universities according to the Nature Index. In 2019 Skoltech won the Prix Versailles Campuses Award for its campus architecture.

The program intends to offer:

  • MSc in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
  • MSc in Data Science
  • MSc in Advanced Computational Science
  • MSc in the Internet of Things and Wireless Technologies
  • MSc in Energy Systems
  • MSc in Life Sciences
  • MSc in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics
  • MSc in Materials Science
  • MSc in Photonics and Quantum Materials
  • MSc in Space and Engineering Systems
  • MSc in Petroleum Engineering

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