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Why choose a master's degree at LUMSA University?

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By: Anna Serafini

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About This Webinar

LUMSA University is the second oldest university in Rome, located in the heart of the city. Rome is one of the most popular destinations for studying abroad. It offers students a variety of Master's programmes that provide international opportunities to strengthen their academic careers. Even today, a Master's degree aid a career change, help you to gain a chartership and enhance your global network to experience a new culture- the significant benefits to your education and career.
This webinar will help you understand how earning a relevant master's degree gives you a crucial competitive edge in your desired industry.

Register and attend this on-demand webinar titled "Why choose a master's degree at LUMSA University?" to take the first step towards giving your career prospects the boost a master’s degree can provide

Key takeaways:

  • Overview of LUMSA University and its career services.
  • Discover various master's degree programs taught in English at the University of LUMSA and identify which program is the best fit for you.
  • Explore numerous facilities provided to the LUMSA community.
  • Gain insights on the real cost of studying and living in Rome.
  • Know more about Admissions, Tuition fees and Financial aid benefits.

Webinar Speakers

Anna Serafini

Welcome Officer

Anna Serafini is a LUMSA graduate holding a Bachelor's Degree in Media and Communication Studies and a first-level Master's Degree in Journalism. She occasionally assists her Alma Mater in answering future students' questions on university and admissions and directing their requests for support. Ms Serafini has gained professional experience working as a journalist in the United States and Europe, covering international affairs. She supports LUMSA University with her skills and sensitivity in intercultural communication having engaged in international studies abroad since her high school years and throughout her university career.


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About The Institute

A private Italian university founded in 1939, LUMSA is the second oldest university in Rome after Sapienza. With around 9000 students LUMSA is not just a high-profile internationally recognised academic institution, it is also a place for personal development. University teaching is distributed across the following departments: Law, Economics, Politics and Modern languages Social Sciences, Communication Education and Psychology. LUMSA also holds a Law department in Palermo. The teaching staff maintains a direct and ongoing relationship with their students and programs are designed to deliver specific high-level technical and cultural skills. At the end of their programs, students have the opportunity to embark on work placements or internships with leading public or private organizations with which LUMSA has developed mutual relationships. University life provides many opportunities for debate and participation. The close links between humanistic tradition, technological, innovation and LUMSA's Catholic roots are at the very heart of the university.

The program they intend to offer:
Masters Degree programs taught in English:

  • International Relations.
  • Management and Finance.
  • Marketing & Digital Communication.
  • Psychology of work and organizational wellbeing.

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