10 myths associated with the SAT

What is SAT? We asked Kaustubh, a student of Sanskriti School who boasts a 2370 on 2400 and along with that, a perfect essay score. What is it, and more importantly, what is it not.

So what are the myths associated with the SAT ?

I. Your SAT score is often believed to your predicator of success in college

Multiple studies suggest that the SAT is not directly linked with a student’s performance in college. However, it is a predictor of a person’s general intelligence, given that it is a maze of tricky questions.

II. The math is a joke

This is the most common statement made about the test material, and while the questions tested are not from erudite concepts, they are still tricky. A perfect score requires, well, perfection.

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III. All the reading choices are the same

Possibly the biggest complaint amongst test-takers is that the critical reading sections have choices that are identical. Simply put, one has to play the devil’s advocate and know that there is only one correct answer.

IV. The essay requires thought

The SAT essay is to be written in 25 minutes, and is the easiest to tame. There are so many guides on writing good essays with mechanical ease that it cannot accurately predict a student’s ability to write.

V. The essay the most important thing

No. It no longer is. The all-important essay is now optional.

VI. It is a test of ‘new material not previously learned’

While it features material that you cannot, strictly speaking, learn, the SAT is a test of material previously learned. To score perfectly, one needs to master a myriad of strategies for timing and keeping pace while answering correct.

VII. It is a not a test of dedication

Sorry, but you can’t ‘randomly’ score on SATs sans practice. A few questions here or there, yes, but unlike the myth, the SAT is a test of how dedicated you are.

VIII. It is a test of making the right choice

Well, even if it was, it no longer is. With the introduction of SAT 2016, you can guess all you want. The negative scores are gone!

 IX. The ACT is better

Is it though? Both the tests are held in almost equal respect and regard when it comes to college admissions. So, while the debate grows, the myth remains. Take either one. You’ll be okay.

X. Everything changed

Not everything did, actually. While SAT 2016 is a whole new animal, it still retains the key attributes of the older testing model.


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