College Board and Khan Academy offer SAT Prep Resources

One year after the College Board announced a partnership with Khan Academy, they recently released a set of completely free prep resources for students taking the redesigned SAT next year. The partnership and the free resources are an effort by the College Board to help students prepare effectively for the new SAT.

In a statement, the College Board said, “Unlike traditional high-priced test prep that focuses on strategies for taking the test and quick cramming, Official SAT Practice supports and reinforces what students are learning in classrooms by helping them focus on the knowledge and skills most essential for college readiness.”

Students can use this Official SAT Practice to learn more about the redesigned SAT, receive personalized practice recommendations, get regular updates from SAT and practice anywhere, anytime at no cost. It contains:

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2500+ Free
Practice Questions

Get Free Access to 2500+ GMAT/GRE Questions

30 Min
Prep Classes

Attend Free GMAT/GRE Prep Classes Everyday

Virtual One-to-One

On-demand online meetings with Admissions Teams for free
  • Four practice tests along with study and test-taking tips
  • Thousands of practice questions and video lessons
  • Eight diagnostic quizzes to pinpoint your areas of practice
  • Constant feedback on your progress

The duo has further announced that these interactive practice tools will be enhanced by constant feedback from students, educators and parents. In the coming months, the following new features will be added:

  • Additional practice test and questions
  • Scaled scoring on practice tests to mimic real-test experience
  • Mobile app to scan practice tests on paper and get immediate scores
  • A feature for students to upload PSAT scores to Khan Academy for personalized SAT experience

Both the College Board and Khan Academy are also working with community groups, educators, schools and colleges to maximize the reach of these SAT tools. They are working with these organizations to incorporate the Official SAT Practice into the ongoing college preparation work.

Experts have said that the entire SAT revamp and the free resources are aimed at giving the exam an upper hand over the ACT. Both the standardized exams are facing the heat because some universities have changed their admission policies and become test optional. With these free resources, the College Board would hope that many more students are attracted to the SAT.

Check out the SAT Videos by Khan Academy on LEAP.

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