Colleges That Do Not Require SAT scores For Admission

If you are one of those who think that the SAT is a gateway to a leading college program, this post may come as a shocker to you. While some colleges do consider SAT scores as a critical part of the application, there are many colleges which have de-emphasized SAT scores. In fact, many top tier colleges have adopted ‘test optional’ or ‘test flexible’ policies. This indicates that many colleges are changing their approach towards the admissions process and are devaluing the SAT as a successful indicator of future student performance.

First, let us understand both these policies. A test optional admission policy leaves it to the applicants to determine whether they want to send in their SAT scores. You have to take a call whether the SAT scores do justice to your candidature. A test flexible policy requires you to send in test scores, but the requirements can change subject to certain conditions. For instance, if you have scored a high GPA above a cut-off limit, the SAT score requirement may be waived off. There are some colleges which do not require you to send in SAT scores at all. They strictly reject SAT score reports.

Of course, your own admission strategies should change depending on the college you apply to. If you apply to a test optional college, then send in your scores only if you feel that the scores strengthen your application. In case of a test flexible policy in your desired college, see if you fit the bill in some other criteria such as subject tests. You can negate the impact of a low SAT score in such a scenario. Of course, if the college does not accept SAT scores, it would be foolhardy to send in your scores.

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While the paragraphs above paint a bad picture for SAT, do not think of going the easy way by skipping the SAT. Most of the prestigious schools such as Ivy League schools like Harvard and Yale still require you to send in SAT scores. When you send in your applications, make sure that you are fully aware of your target school policies. This will help you align with the admission process more smoothly. Make sure that you apply to a large number of schools. Do not restrict yourself to a limited number of schools just to avoid the SAT.

Now, let us look at colleges that do not require SAT scores. Or more correctly put, colleges that de-emphasize SAT scores. Typically, most liberal arts schools are test optional. Among other colleges, George Washington University and Drew University were in the news recently for making SAT scores an optional part of the admissions process.

Here’s a look at 20 leading Colleges That Do Not Require SAT scores :

  1. George Washington University
  2. New York University
  3. University of Rochester
  4. University of Texas – Austin
  5. Texas A&M
  6. American University
  7. Clark University
  8. Wake Forest University
  9. Duquesne University
  10. University of Arizona
  11. Oklahoma Wesleyan University
  12. Bowdoin College
  13. Smith College
  14. Connecticut College
  15. New School
  16. Temple University
  17. Loyola University
  18. Virginia Commonwealth University
  19. St Lawrence University
  20. Ithaca College

Bear in mind that these are not listed in any particular ranking. This is just an indicative list of colleges. In fact, there are many other leading colleges could not be featured in this list.

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