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Does taking Latin help you in SAT?

Does taking Latin help you in SAT?

A lot of people wonder about the usefulness of taking Latin in the SAT. Does Latin really help? The answer is yes. There are a number of factors which make Latin a great choice for a future SAT test taker.

Let’s see how does taking Latin helps you in SAT :

Make your profile stand out – The College Board offers Latin as a subject test. The Board states on its website: “Looking for a way to stand out on your college applications? If you’ve studied Latin for more than two years, taking the Latin Subject Test is a great way to highlight your achievements. Not only can it substantiate your high school grades, but it can also enhance your admission profile.”
When the College Board says such a thing, you should take it seriously. Since, not many people study Latin these days, a solid base in the subject can make your application stand out and tilt the admission scales in your favour.

Help you in the English questions – Many words in the English language get their roots from Latin. Knowing Latin will help you master the vocabulary section and boost your SAT scores.

Improves cognitive skills – Since learning Latin is an analytical process, it shapes your mind for other areas which require good reasoning such as math. It indirectly rubs off on your math and logic questions.

A gateway to culture – Latin is a huge part of history especially the Roman culture. Understanding it helps you appreciate your roots better. You will find Latin references in law, science and medicine. It may be even more useful if you are actually planning to pursue future studies in a related field.

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