Five Strategies for overcoming SAT anxiety

A little anxiety before any exam is a pretty normal thing for most students. However, when that anxiety starts to affect your performance, you need to combat it with some effective strategies. These strategies will help you put your best foot forward on the exam day.

Five Strategies for overcoming SAT anxiety:

Begin early – Students often get stressed when they feel they have to cover a lot in limited advice. The simplest advice would be to begin studying early enough for the exam. This would give you enough time to cover all areas, work on your weaknesses and revise through concepts if necessary. Six months before the exam date is generally a good time to begin working on SAT.

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Read – While student spend a lot of time solving math problems and even writing problems, many of them do not practice reading enough. When you read, you develop good speed which in turn helps you during the reading comprehension sections of your exam. Read good novels and magazines. This also builds your vocabulary.

Practice Tests – How many times have you heard that one? If you want to be anxiety free, take many SAT practice tests under strict exam conditions. Nothing removes stress than being confident about the exam you will face. Practice tests help build confidence through familiarity and test-like conditions.

Avoid Distractions – A major cause of stress is distractions in your study schedule. When your study schedule goes haywire, you are struggling to catch up which leads to anxiety. Identify all distractions – mobiles, tablets, video games – and keep them away during your study time.   

Keep fit – When you are healthy, it reflects in your performance. Go for a run, eat healthy and sleep well. A healthy you is extremely important towards a health score.

Follow these strategies and you will be ready to face the SAT worry-free!

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