Five Tips for SAT Subject Tests

SAT Subject Tests are a great way to strengthen your application and showcase interest towards subjects and programs. The tests include English, History, Math, Science and other languages. Many colleges recommend SAT subject tests to applicants. Many colleges use these scores to fit the applicants in specific courses. In some cases, subject tests may also give you credit for introductory courses.

Like the actual SAT, you need to follow the best approaches for SAT subject tests. Follow these five tips for SAT subject tests:

Time it well – Unlike the SAT, the SAT subject tests showcase your level of knowledge in certain subjects. For subjects such as science and history, take them at the end of the course. For languages, take the test after some years of preparation. This is an important tip recommended by the College Board itself. Typically, students take the subject tests at the end of the junior year or the beginning of the senior year.

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Don’t take too many subjects – We know you want to impress the admission committee with your knowledge in particular subjects. However, do not go on a test taking spree. Remember that you have to spend time on preparation of SAT subject tests as well as the actual SAT. You have to do justice to the preparation. Do not take more than 2-3 SAT subject tests.

Make a study plan – While a SAT subject test may not seem as important as the SAT, doing well in the exam will make your application stand out. Devote atleast 2-3 months, along with an effective study plan, to prepare for the exam.

Pay attention to details – Some subject tests such as the language with listening tests require you to bring a CD player along with batteries and headphones. Make sure that you pay attention to every detail.

Choose subjects you truly love – Don’t take SAT subject tests just for the heck of it. Choosing subjects that you are passionate about will make your preparation time more enjoyable and worthy.

Start Preparing.

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