Five tips for the new SAT Essay

The new, redesigned SAT will see a number of changes. One of the key changes in the new SAT is that the essay is now optional. It will now completely depend on the requirements of the schools in your list. Moreover, the scores of the essay will also be reported separately and not factor in your final SAT score. In the new SAT essay, students will need to analyze an existing argument through evidence. This will be a sea change from the old SAT where students needed to write straightforward essays and come up with their own arguments and evidence. You will also get 50 minutes to write the essay, which is double the time given in the old SAT.

If you are going to write the new SAT essay, here are five tips:

1. Understand the assignment – Yeah, we said that for the old essay as well! For the new SAT essay, you will have to understand the argument very clearly. You will also need to understand the way author develops his claim. Be ready to support your stand with evidence.

2 Highlight purpose of the author – To score high in the essay, you need to make sure that you highlight the evidence and the purpose behind it.

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3. Write concisely – Your essay should begin with a strong sentence which sets the tone for your analysis. Mention evidences, reasoning and quotes to build your own argument.

4. Practice essays – Many test prep companies will come up with sample topics for the new SAT essays. Remember to write a few practice essays under strictly timed conditions before the actual exam.

5. Avoid mistakes – A neatly written essay will give you a better chance to score high in the essay. Make sure that you do not commit grammatical and spelling errors. Leave enough time for proofreading to avoid making silly mistakes in the essay.

Remember that in the new SAT essay, you are tested in three areas – Reading, Analysis and Writing. Follow the strategies listed above to get a good score in the new SAT essay.

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