Free SAT Practice Tests

Practice tests are a great way to get ready for the actual SAT. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend a bomb for them. There are great Free SAT practice tests available online which can simulate the actual exam day environment for test takers. The free practice tests available are enough for a good SAT preparation schedule.

So, where to look for the free practice tests? At the source itself. The College Board always has one free practice test on their website. Over the past few years, they have cycled through different tests on their site. While the official website has only one free practice test available, the others can be easily found online. You can look at renowned sites and forums to gain access to all the official free SAT practice tests.

The Official SAT Study Guide or the Blue Book, also has ten practice tests for the test takers. Among the ten, the three are recently administered SATs and the others are designed by the test makers themselves. For any serious SAT student, these tests are worth their weight in gold.

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Apart from the College Board resources, there are many apps which offer free SAT practice tests to their users. Moreover, many reputed websites offer students free SAT practice tests. These practice tests are also accurate representations of the actual SAT.

Take atleast four practice tests before the actual SAT. The resources mentioned above are a great way to prepare for the real exam.

Take practice tests now.

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