George Washington Makes SAT/ACT Optional

In a move that will come as a relief to many applicants, George Washington has made the SAT/ACT scores as an optional requirement in the admission process. It is a significant move because it comes from one of the top private schools in the US. The move is aimed at increasing access for disadvantaged students who typically underperform in standardized exams.

While this viewpoint is still debated, the move from George Washington indicates that the school believes that it can still get a strong student body through a holistic review process. The school will consider other documents in the admission process such as resumes and letters of recommendation.

However, students who feel that the SAT or ACT scores accurately reflect their academic abilities can still send in their scores. In the official statement, the school has said that they will consider these scores in a manner which is consistent with other parts of the application. George Washington will superscore the SAT scores of applicants who decide to submit them for consideration. In case of ACT, the school will consider the highest submitted composite score.

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This optional test policy will not apply to the following groups of applicants:

  1. Those applying to the seven-year combined BA/MD course
  2. Homeschooled students
  3. Applicants from secondary schools with narrative evaluations
  4. College Athletes

Discuss this with co-aspirants. Join the George Washington University Discussion Group.

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