Harvard SAT Requirements

Is a seat at Harvard one of your driving factors in SAT? If yes, you need to be on top of the applicant pool at the prestigious Harvard College. A rocking performance in the SAT will definitely increase your chances of admission at Harvard.

So, what should be your target score at Harvard? Simple. Score as high as you can. There is no minimum cut-off SAT score at Harvard. Harvard offers some statistics on its website:

“We do not have minimum scores or cut-offs; however, the majority of students admitted represent a range of scores from roughly 600 to 800 on each section of the SAT as well as on the SAT Subject Tests. The 25th percentile for admitted students on the SAT is about 2100; the 75th percentile is about 2350. We regard test results as helpful indicators of academic ability and achievement when considered thoughtfully among many other factors.”

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The statement clearly indicates that Harvard gives quite a lot of weightage to SAT scores. Harvard also requires you to take two SAT subject tests. It used both for admissions and course placement. For non-native English speakers, the SAT subject tests give you a great chance to demonstrate your capabilities in certain subjects. However, it is not a mandatory requirement and you can choose to submit your application without them. We recommend that you take SAT subject tests if you are really serious about Harvard.

Additionally, Harvard considers your best SAT scores but it comes with a caveat. The school believes:  “taking tests more than twice offers diminishing returns.” So, if you are thinking about a third SAT attempt, forget about it.

For admissions to Harvard, you need to excel in the SAT, have a high GPA, good recommendations and strong extra-curricular achievements. Prepare well and give it your best shot!

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Image Courtesy: Harvard Gazette

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