How to Choose a College Major?

Choosing a college major can be a daunting task for students. A lot of students spend a lot of time thinking about their major. Obviously, your choice will impact your career greatly moving forward. While it is true that many people are working in fields that have got nothing to do with their college major, choosing a subject should be a well thought out process. You should take into account a number of factors before you get locked into one subject.

Here are some factors you should keep in mind while choosing a college major:

Wait it out – Do not be in a hurry to declare your major even before you set foot in college. Spend time in the college before making your choice. Take different classes for the first couple of years before deciding on one subject. You have time till sophomore or junior year.

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Do not wait for too long – Remember that college is expensive and you need to arrive at a decision soon. If you decide on your major early enough, it will be helpful to your career, especially in demanding fields such as medicine and engineering.

Do not follow the herd mentality – It can be very easy to be swayed by friends and peers. Remember that your choice of major has to be determined by your own passions, strengths and interests.

Do your research – The internet has made it very easy to research on various subjects and careers. Use it to learn more about the career opportunities in your subject area. Speak to alumni, teachers and mentors to learn more about your subject interests and career prospects.

Career Opportunities – Choose a major which leads to good career opportunities. Remember that you are investing quite a huge sum on college. You need to be able to recover that money quickly.

Be passionate about the subject – While it is a good thing to pursue a major that has rewarding career opportunities, your six figure salary will count for nothing if you are not enjoying your job. Make sure that you are truly passionate about a subject before investing your time and energy on it.

Relax – Choosing a major is a tough choice, especially if you don’t have a clear goal. Take a chill pill. College will give you unique opportunities to learn about many subject areas. Explore diverse subjects, speak to your professors and explore all your interests. You will figure the stuff out soon!

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