How to get on SAT waitlist?

Have you missed your SAT registration deadline? Now what? Is this the end or, are there alternate avenues? The last option on SAT is the only lifeline you can have which is the SAT Waitlist Testing. You can register to get on the SAT waitlist up to five days before testing day, which means you may be able to take the test on the test day that you wanted in the first place. Read the details below. Using this you may still be able to take the SAT on your preferred date!

What does the College Board say about the Waitlist?

“Waitlist Status may be available beginning from the last registration deadline up until five days before test day. Although every effort will be made to seat applicants who request Waitlist Status, we cannot guarantee that you will be admitted to the test centre on test day.”

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Below, is the procedure to understand how!

  1. You first need to login to your College Board account and make sure that you register for your test date. All the usual SAT registration procedures apply, like uploading a current, valid photo.
  1. Additionally, you will need to pay a fee of $46 for registering yourself as a waitlist tester.
  2. The next step is that you print your waitlist ticket so that you can take it to the testing centre with an acceptable id.
  1. It would be appreciable if you show up at the testing centre very early. Almost as early as 7:45 am to see if they have a spot for you. Which if they do, you can for sure appear for the test.

There are however a few places and conditions under which you can be barred from appearing on the waitlist.

  1. If you are a SAT candidate over the age of 21 you are barred from using this option.
  2. In case you’re taking a Language Test with Listening you cannot opt for the waitlist option.
  3. Attempting to test with accommodations such as specialised test formats or equipment that needs to be arranged in advance.
  4. In case the country you’re testing has security concerns, you are barred from the waitlist option.


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