How to set my SAT Target Score?

Setting up a SAT Target Score works for many students. It places a clear goal in front of you and determines the amount of effort you should put in to your SAT preparation. If your target score is above 2100, obviously you need to start early and be focused towards your preparation. However, if your target score is in the 1500-1800 range, you can get away with a little less preparation.

Many students assign 1800 as a target score. It is a good score based on the traditional SAT score data. However, it is not necessary that this should be your target score. Keep in mind your own abilities before deciding on a target score.

If you are looking to place an accurate number on the target score, you will have to look at average (or median) SAT scores of the colleges you are targeting. If you are targeting Harvard, your target score will be a lot higher than if you are aiming for a local college. Colleges also list their own 25th-75th percentile score range. These scores, along with the median scores, should you give you a good indicator for your target score.

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Before determining your target score, keep in mind the scholarship policies of every school. Many schools list their score requirements or historical data of scholarships. Keep these scores in mind before setting your mind on a target score.

For those of you who have already taken the SAT once, you would realistically know your own abilities and should be able to determine a good target score. If you are taking the exam for the first time, let your SAT practice tests be your guide. Be realistic in your assessment.

Remember that a good target score is one that takes you to the college of your choice. When deciding upon a target score, always keep your target 100-200 points higher than the score requirements across the colleges of your choice.

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