How to write an SAT essay?

The SAT essay poses a challenge to a lot of test takers. Fitting an essay in the 25-minute time frame can unnerve the best of students. However, it is not as difficult as it sounds. The College Board is not expecting a literary piece of art. It is just trying to see whether you can develop and express your ideas well. If you prepare for the essay section, it is one of the easiest areas to master.

The scores are rated on a 2-12 scale. The essay is scored by two people and each one gives the score on a scale of 1-6. We offer you some great tips for the SAT essay:

1. Write neatly – An under-rated advice this one. You will be given a pencil to write the essay. Make sure that you keep your writing neat and legible. A neatly written essay will easily outscore a badly written one. Keep in mind that the scorers will not spend too much time on every essay. Neat essays lessen their work and improve your chances of a high score.

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2. Understand the assignment well – Don’t be in a rush to write the essay. Every essay question contains a short paragraph about the issue. Read and understand the issue well before beginning work on the essay. 

3. Structure your paragraph well – In this aggressive timeline, your best bet is stick to the conventional one intro, 2-3 body paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph. This template almost always fits in any given issue. The intro paragraph should state the main issue, the body paragraph should support your stand with examples and the conclusion should summarise the essay.

4. Practice essays – Many test takers leave the essays to the exam day. Remember, practice makes perfect. When you are taking SAT practice tests, make sure you also attempt the practice essay under strictly timed conditions.

5. Read – Reading good books may not be a prerequisite but it will definitely help you in the exam. Reading books helps you think and take a stand on a particular issue. It also improves your reading and writing skills. Read well to write well!

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