Ignited Minds on LEAP: Semenishin Dmitry

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We are proud to present success stories of students who, armed with their dreams and passion to reach for the stars, have achieved excellent scores in tests like GMAT, GRE, SAT & LSAT by using the learning and preparation tools on QS LEAP. We hope that their stories motivate you, and make you believe that you too can challenge the best in the world.

We are calling this series as “Ignited Minds on LEAP” which talks about these brilliant people for whom nothing is impossible.

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Q: Tell us a bit about your background: city, school and college you went to, work experience if any.

A: I am from Togliatty (Russia) which is small town. There isn’t any place except cafes, where you can spend evenings. The main architecture style of our town is Soviet. I go to the Gymnasium 39. It is one of the best schools in our town. I think that to learn better there needs to be continuous discussions with teachers, but it is not very common thing in this area. I am preparing for the SAT, and I would like to study at Harvard University.

Q: How did QS LEAP help you in the past weeks/months towards your preparation?

A: I have solved lots of free tests & questions in LEAP. I am very grateful to this resource. It is difficult to find in my town a teacher who can prepare somebody for SAT. And there aren’t any platforms that provides absolutely free coaching & tutors for SAT in Internet. LEAP has been very helpful for me.

Q: What would be your study/prep tips for fellow candidates?

A: I would like to advise to spend time by solving tests in LEAP, not spending time in Internet looking for answer for ” where I can prepare for SAT?”. I haven’t found anything better. I have improved my SAT preparation by following the study schedule on LEAP and also by seeing the preparation strategies of other students also preparing for SAT.

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