Ignited Minds on LEAP: Sitara Akbar


QS LEAP is a movement designed for millions of students across the world, who cannot access premium test preparation technologies and learning systems, by providing a free superior learning and content platform. It is our privilege that QS LEAP has already started making a difference to the lives of students globally.

We are proud to present success stories of students who, armed with their dreams and passion to reach for the stars, have achieved excellent scores in tests like GMAT, GRE, SAT & LSAT by using the learning and preparation tools on QS LEAP. We hope that their stories motivate you, and make you believe that you too can challenge the best in the world.

We are calling this series as “Ignited Minds on LEAP” which talks about these brilliant people for whom nothing is impossible. Today’s story if about Sitara Akbar who is an inspiration for young girls in Pakistan. She is a child prodigy and QSLEAP is proud to have her as a part of the its community. Here is her story on LEAP:

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Q: Tell us a little about your aspirations for the future.

A: I believe that a life that isn’t live serving humanity is not one worth living so I want to make my contribution to humanity through research .I have always been interested in sciences since a very young age and am working towards fulfilling my dreams to become a researcher in the field of biochemistry .I find the opportunity of studying my passion in a world class university, and thus, taking the first solid step towards my dreams as relishing and reinforcing to my goal of bringing change in this world.I am currently serving as the Youth Ambassador for Pakistan Youth Forum and am the youngest working member on the team.I am working with the education committee and will be mentoring Pakistani students out of school so that they do not have to fight their battles alone because a child without education is like a bird without wings.My contribution may be small but just because our work isn’t quantifiable doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t all try to make our contribution to a good cause.

Q: And how is QS LEAP helping you to reach for those heights?

A: As I said before,I do not have any teachers or mentors.I went with my mother to find a training centre that would help me prepare for the SAT as I was not familiar with it.The fee that was demanded for preparation was too high and once I came back home I tried to find out online how I could prepare for the SAT online and free of cost and I discovered QS Leap.I found the website to be like an understanding and compassionate teacher helping me learn at my own pace and clearing any confusions that I had.Not only did it keep my track record but also appreciate my efforts that I’d get badges upon completing a task successfully encouraging me to do more as a teacher who is teaching without inspiring is hammering on cold iron. Thank you 🙂

Q: You’ve achieved so much in your past exams. What advice would you give to other highly ambitious students who are preparing through QSLEAP in their homes/own time?

A: There is a vast amount of practice material and resources available and if you focus and attempt all of it then I assure you you will get your desired scores.A small effort towards pursuing your education on QS Leap will become a great leap towards your dream.

Q: You are an inspiration for young girls in Pakistan and across many parts of the world. What’s your message to them while they pursue their dreams of higher education?

A: 63% of the world’s illiterate youth are female and the world cannot prosper unless we educate girls because when we educate a man you are educating a single person but with a woman you educate a generation.For all the girls who are deprived of their basic right as a human being,fight for your education.When life puts you in difficult situations don’t say “Why me?” say “Try me” and dream ,dream,dream big.Always shoot for the moon and even if you miss you’ll land amongst the stars

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