Last Minute Tips for SAT

Your SAT exam is just a month away. Hopefully, you have spent some solid weeks of preparation. A long-term study plan is the best strategy you can have for SAT. If you have started studying just now, do not fret. Armed with effective preparation strategies, you should still be able to leave an impression in the SAT.

Here are some last minute tips for SAT that will serve you well during the exam:

  1. Become familiar with the exam format – You have to familiarize yourself with the exam format. Understand all the sections that go into it along with the question types. Remember, familiarity breeds confidence.
  2. Devise a study plan – Hopefully, you have some time to spend towards your SAT preparation in this one month. Make sure you optimize your time well. Assess your preparation levels and devise the plan accordingly. If quant comes easy to you, maybe you need to focus on solving verbal problems.
  3. Know your math formulae – Understanding your math formulae and their relationships with problems can be very helpful while solving problems.
  4. Practice your grammar well – SAT tests your knowledge of errors. If you practice these problems well, they offer easy scoring opportunities.
  5. Build a vocabulary arsenal – Having a stronghold on vocabulary always helps while taking a standardized exam of this format. Learn as many words and their meanings as possible. You can do it anytime, anywhere with the help of flashcards and apps.
  6. Write a couple of essays – Don’t assume that you will be able to write an essay directly in the exam. Do write a couple of essays to understand nuances of writing an essay. You have to able to put your thoughts across coherently in an essay. Practicing essays makes this process easier.
  7. Take SAT practice tests – Consider this the most important advice. Taking practice tests helps you understand your preparation levels, gauge your strengths and weaknesses and build confidence for the exam.
  8. Read during breaks – It is a good idea to read some novels or magazines such as The Economist during your study breaks. Not only will this prime you up for reading comprehension, you will also learn new words which will boost your vocabulary skills.
  9. Avoid random guesses – The SAT folks penalize you for wrong answers. So, make sure that you stay away from guesses. Take informed guesses only if you are sure of the approach you are taking.
  10. Take it easy – Do not get into panic mode. You cannot conquer the world in a month. Understand that, take a deep breath and put your best foot forward.

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