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List Of SAT Subject Tests

List Of SAT Subject Tests

SAT subject tests are content-based exams offering you a chance to exhibit your expertise and specialized knowledge of a particular subject. These tests are conducted under the administration of The College Board and are integral to admission process. While applying in a college, you have to furnish scores of minimum two subject tests. In case the college of your choice recommends any specific subject test, go ahead and attempt it.

List of SAT Subject Tests That You May Take

The College Board offers 21 subject tests covering four primary subject areas, viz. English, Math, Science, and History. These subjects are further divided into 9 parts including:

  1. English Literature
  2. US history
  3. World History
  4. Biology Ecological
  5. Biology Molecular
  6. Math Level 1
  7. Math Level 2
  8. Chemistry
  9. Physics

There are 12 additional subject areas covering 9 foreign languages

  1. French
  2. French with Listening
  3. Spanish
  4. Spanish with Listening
  5. German
  6. German with Listening
  7. Chinese with Listening
  8. Japanese with Listening
  9. Korean with Listening
  10. Modern Hebrew
  11. Latin
  12. Italian

In short, SAT subject tests cover 4 core subjects along with nine languages. Core subjects attract the largest number of students followed by non-listening options for foreign language tests.

Scoring System for SAT Subject Tests

In SAT subject test, scoring is done in a range of 200 to 800 points. One point is given for every correct answer while you may lose ¼ point for a wrong answer. Due to negative marking, you have to remain extra cautious while attempting questions who aren’t so sure about. Despite the same scale of scoring, subject tests are never a parameter to judge your performance in general SAT.

Usually, SAT subject tests are taken by the top rankers and this greatly affects your percentile. For example, if you score higher than 750 in general SAT, you are qualified for 99th percentile but the same score in a subject test may put you somewhere at 80th percentile only.

How to Register For SAT Subject Tests?

Last date for registration to subject tests generally falls five weeks prior to the test day. Details are available on College Board’s website from where you can avail them and also register online. School guidance counselors also provide a free copy of student registration guide for SAT and SAT subject tests.

You should always select the subject of your interest for attempting this test. But, also take into account the college’s requirements and suitable formats before taking it up.

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