Math Format Comparison | New SAT vs Old SAT

The new SAT format starts from March 2016 with a new point scale and many other surprises for the aspirants taking this coveted test. The new version of SAT has substantial changes in the test format reducing the number of section to five. The essay has become optional and composite score has been upgraded to the range of 400-1600.You must have already updated your knowledge with these key points. Apart from these general format changes, The College Board has approved some content changes as well in all the subjects. Here, we will discuss the changes made in math from old SAT to new SAT.

Changes in Syllabus and Score Breakdown:

The grading scale has been left unchanged at 200-800. However the format of questions has seriously changed in the new SAT. It will have two sections with 58 questions in total having this breakdown:

Multiple Choice questions- 45

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Grid in questions- 13

Furthermore, there is a change in calculator-allowed format and duration has been increased from 70 minutes to 80 minutes.

No calculator questions- 20

Calculator questions- 38

Syllabus of math has also undergone some major changes in its new version. In this new SAT, basic trigonometry is added and geometry is downsized in terms of complexity. It now includes the following topics:

Heart of Algebra:

It will comprise of 19 questions based on linear equations, inequalities, and systems of linear equations.

Problem Solving and Data Analysis:

It is comprised of 17 questions based on ratio, units, proportions, percentages, probabilities, and quantitative data.

Passport to Advanced Math:

This syllabus is covered with 16 questions based on equivalent algebraic expression, exponential functions, nonlinear equations & functions, and quadratic equations.

Additional Topic in Math:

It is based on basic trigonometry and geometry which comprises total 6 questions.

How to Prepare Well For New SAT Math?

SAT is a test where skills are tested on the basis of your speed to solve the questions and accuracy maintained in it. You must set aside ample time to understand the chapters included in new syllabus. At the same time, it has one complete section with no calculator allowed for typical computations. Hence, practice to improve your calculation skills as well. It will ensure completion of your test paper within the time allotted. In this new SAT, you won’t lose your scores for guessing any answer incorrectly. It means there is no penalty for giving wrong answers.

Use these tips to prepare well for new Math format of the new SAT.

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