Meet Our SAT Leaderboard Toppers!

QS- LEAP (Learn&Prepare with Friends) was created in June 2015, with an aim to allow applicants from across the globe to prepare for the SAT and other standardised tests – all for free. QS-LEAP emerged from the belief that test prep support should be easily accessible, free of cost, and that learning works best when social. The resulting platform, therefore, provides a community of interacting students and tutors. Since its launch, the platform has supported more than 200,000 students from around the globe, of whom 35,000+ monthly users have undertaken their test prep journeys with QS-LEAP.
On the launch of its second version, the QS- LEAP team collected stories of students who are doing well on the platform to motivate them and use their example to motivate other users. Here are their inspiring stories, hope this propels you to take your preparation to the next level and be a topper on the leaderboard.

Name Exam Score
Urukposa Izogie-Eghe Shazam SAT 4930
Anushka Gupta SAT 2110


Urukposa Izogie-Eghe Shazam is a 16-year-old SAT aspirant from Nigeria, currently based out of Ghana. He is in the 11th year of his education at the Galaxy International School in Ghana, on a full scholarship. He is the first child among a family of 8 members. Urukposa is a Math enthusiast and is a member of the Ghana Math Olympiad. Among his interests are watching NASA and NBA, listening to rap songs and classical music, playing chess, watching physics documentaries, and conducting research on advance physics. He is passionate about deep space and hence, wants to be an astronaut. He aspires to study from Harvard University to get his degree. He needs to appear for the SAT to pursue his studies in astronomy. He says “My parents couldn’t afford SAT tutors so I had to look online for a free SAT prep site. Luckily for me I found QS-LEAP. I promised myself to be the highest in the world leaderboard (and I am) and hold on to that title forever. QS-LEAP has elevated my critical thinking abilities and given me hope of conquering the SAT exam. Best of all, it is for free”. Urukposa will be giving his SAT in the winter of 2018 and he has started his preparation already. Urukposa says “Albert Einstein is my mentor. I want to be like him in future”.


Anushka Gupta, is an Indian, currently residing in Singapore. She is in grade 11 pursuing her education from an International school in Singapore. She aspires to make a career in the field of Marketing and Communication, hence she wants to pursue an undergraduate course in Business Management and Communications. She says “QS LEAP is not only providing me an opportunity to practice but also elevating my confidence, and the leaderboard positions amongst peers. It keeps me motivated to keep doing better. The format and user interface is very interactive which makes answering the questions very interesting as well”. She enjoys reading and is currently hooked to ‘The Mortal Instruments’ series. Her other interests are listening to music and travelling.

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Study tips by our Leaderboard Toppers for our valuable QS- LEAP users:
• Develop the attitude of imagination and creativity.
• Being a member of Math, Science or English Olympiads is helpful
• Keep your study time and fun-time separate
• Keep away from distractions
• Make a schedule that maps out your entire time

We are so proud of our toppers and hope that our other users find this inspiring and take their SAT preparation to the next level.

P.S. Hope this blog motivates and inspires you. You too can be a leaderboard topper by practicing and scoring well on the tests provided on the QS- LEAP platform. And here’s some more motivation – if you are consistent with your performance, you may stand a chance to win a SAT application scholarship or a paid one-to-one tutoring sessions with one of our tutors. So log-in to your QS- LEAP account and start your practice now to achieve high scores.

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