New SAT Scores To Be Released On May 10

Are you among the first batch of students who took the new, redesigned SAT on March 5? Great. We hope that you are in the cohort of students who ticked all the right boxes with the new SAT. Now that the SAT out of the way, you must be waiting eagerly for the new SAT scores. Here’s the news: You will get the March SAT scores on May 10.

Now, you may wonder why so much delay this time round. After all, the College Board normally releases its scores within 2-3 weeks of the exam. Seems like the College Board just wants to make sure that everything goes smoothly with the new SAT. That’s why they have given themselves a little extra time to score the new SAT.

While most scores will usually be available on the first score release date, a small percentage of scores might be delayed. In such cases, the SAT scores will usually be available within a week. Score delays happen due to late receipt of answer sheets, inconsistent information and some other uncommon conditions. Also, if you took a makeup test, your SAT scores will be released later.

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