New York SAT Scores Below The National Average

If you look at the average SAT scores by state (US), the scores in New York are well below the national average. While the national average SAT score is 1490, the average New York SAT score is 1469. While the state has pushed for rigorous testing and preparation, the 21-point difference is certainly a dampener.

Now, let us look at a head-to-head comparison among the various sections in SAT. The college-bound high school students in NY got an average of 489 in critical reading as opposed to the national average of 495 in the section. In Mathematics, the New York students secured an average of 502 while the national average score is 511. In the SAT writing section, the students from NY had an average of 478 against the nation-wide average of 484 in the section. The biggest difference is in the mathematics section with 9 points separating the NY state and national scores.

The New York state’s performance has stayed pretty consistent over the past few years. The average NY SAT scores have tended to stay in the 1460-1470 score band. Some experts cite the high number of test takers (153,543) in New York state for the below average numbers.

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