Now Drew University Makes SAT Optional

Drew University has become the latest university to make SAT and ACT scores optional. Students applying to the university will no longer require to submit SAT/ACT scores. The new policy takes effect immediately.

Applicants who do not submit standardized exam scores need to present high school transcripts with at least a B average along with a rigorous honors or college preparatory curriculum. Since it is an optional requirement, students can also choose to submit SAT/ACT scores along with their application.

With this move, Drew wants to shift towards a more holistic admissions policy. In the official statement, Drew officials have mentioned that the relationship between grades and standardized exam scores is not perfect. The same policy applies to scholarships and need-based grants as well.

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Only recently, George Washington University had also made SAT/ACT scores optional. Many students are confused with the optional standardized exam score policy across some universities. If you feel that the SAT/ACT scores accurately reflect your academic capabilities, we would encourage you to still send in your scores to these universities.

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