NYT Columnists You Should Read

We live in interesting times where a lot is going on in politics, science, environment and other fields, across the world. They are calling it the most engaging elections to the Oval Office while world politics has changed dramatically. Whether you are preparing for your SAT or you are a student, you can do well by keeping up with world news.

It’s not only to do well in your competitive exams but also because awareness builds opinions. And there is a lot you can learn from expert opinions that are expressed in New York Times columns. We have narrowed down a list of NYT columnists you can read and follow to gain a better understanding of current affairs.

NYT columnists that make for interesting reads include:

David Brooks

The much followed and loved columnist has been writing for NYT since 2003. The genial academic is also a commentator for NPR’s “All Things Considered”. Whether he is writing about Politics, Culture or the Social Sciences his columns tend to find an emotional connect with the readers.

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Charles M. Blow

Has been an Op-Ed columnist with the paper since 2008 and is also their Graphics Director. The author of “Fire Shut Up in My Bones”; he writes on Politics, Public Opinion and Social Justice. His columns appear twice a week and the recent ones on upcoming elections have attracted huge attention.

Andrew Rosenthal

It’s not common to find a relatively new columnist with a paper to make it to a Top 5 list, but such is the reputation of Mr. Rosenthal. After having worked as the Editorial Page editor for the paper for 9 years, he started his column in June this year. In a short time he has build a staunch following as he writes about topics from Popular culture to politics to national security.

Gail Collins

The first woman to be appointed Editorial Page editor at The Times, she is one of the most respected columnists with the paper. The author of several books offers a fresh and interesting perspective on American Politics and Culture.

Thomas L. Friedman

If you want to know more about the world affairs and how recent events are shaping things then Mr. Friedman is your man. The winner of two Pulitzers for International Reporting, and another for Commentary, he writes about Foreign Affairs, Globalization and Technology in his weekly column that appears on Wednesdays.

You can follow these columnists regularly, go through their archives and learn a lot about things around you.



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