Preparation Strategies for SAT Writing Section

The SAT Writing section is composed of three sections – two multiple choice question section and one essay. The multiple choice section tests grammar through sentence errors, sentence improvement and paragraph improvement question. The 25-minute essay section demands writing essays as a response to a given prompt. Typically, students pay a lot less attention to this section as compared to the other section. But in order to get a good SAT score, you need to score well in this section.

Here are some preparation strategies for SAT Writing Section:

1. Sentence Errors – To identify sentence errors, the important thing is to read the sentence carefully paying close attention to all the underlined answer choices. Do not be afraid to choose no error as the answer. It’s all down to simple grammatical rules at the end of the day. Since the answer choices come with the question itself and you have to only spot the error, generally students find it easier to tackle this question type.

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Attempt a few sentence correction questions.

2. Sentence Improvement – These are the most common question type which will be present in both the writing sections of SAT. In fact, the smaller ten-minute section is entirely composed of sentence improvement questions. Again, read the sentence thoroughly to identify whether you need to change any part of it. To tackle questions, you need to understand your grammar basics well. Learn about subject-verb agreement, parallelism, modifiers and the likes.

3. Paragraph Improvement – Another important question asked in the SAT writing section is on paragraph improvement. You are given a passage with some errors and you need to correct or improve those passages. Quite contrary to the SAT reading section, you really don’t need to read very deeply on this section. You can read quickly and then tackle the questions quickly. Go back to the paragraph to answer the question. You can also eliminate answer choices after scrutinizing them in context.

4. Essays – For the essays, make sure that you understand the type of prompts usually given in the SAT. Have a clear structure and make sure that you write neatly without errors. Learn to develop your own point of view about any issue and use good examples. Finally, make sure that you take a lot of practice essays to finish the task in the stipulated 25 minutes.

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