#RefundAugustSAT | Have my SAT Scores Been Compromised?

The SAT has been on the news for the past few months now, and students around the World (particularly in the twitter-verse) have been voicing their concerns about unfair scoring on the SAT.

So where did this begin?

Well, the uproar began when June SAT scores were released. Students were largely distraught by the fact that they had received very poor scores despite actually performing well on the test. A lot of them took to social platforms such as reddit and twitter claiming confidently that they should’ve received higher scores because they actually got fewer questions wrong.

Inside Higher Ed published an article titled “An Easy SAT and Terrible Scores” elaborating on the matter, and we were made to understand that the June SAT was significantly “easier” as compared to previous tests, which made it necessary for CollegeBoard to normalize the scores for this test much more precipitously than for any other revised SAT exam in the past few years.

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Less than two months later, another issue surfaced. This time CollegeBoard was accused of re-using LEAKED questions in the August SAT! Posts on Social Media asserted that the August SAT contained questions that had previously been circulated in South Korea and China in the fall of 2017.

While the leaked questions were administered in the United States and not in Asia, there’s obviously no way to completely ascertain that no student had (even accidentally) access to any of the leaked questions, leaving them at an unfair advantage whilst taking the August SAT.

Needless to say, this incident caused serious uproar within the student community, as all SAT takers questioned the credibility of the CollegeBoard’s Test Administration, and dismissed the August SAT as invalid and illegitimate as a standardized exam.

Hence, came about the hashtag #RefundAugustSAT.

More on this controversy here.

For students, of course, the concern with all this moves beyond the fairness of it all. Because there were of course, some very hardworking students that took the test and scored well in all honesty. Their concern stands to remain that if the August SAT is invalidated by the schools of their choice, then that might completely mess with their plans of getting into University this year.

An online petition is up to invalidate the August 2018 SAT in North America. It reads, ” The August 2018 SAT score must be cancelled to ensure fairness in applying processes to US universities and to guarantee the right of all students taking SAT/ACT and applying to college.”

Despite all the outrage, CollegeBoard has confirmed that the Aug. 25 SAT scores will be released as per the given schedule.

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