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SAT replaces SBAC exam for 11th graders in Connecticut

SAT replaces SBAC exam for 11th graders in Connecticut

In a move which underlines the popularity of SAT, Connecticut has announced that the 11th graders in the state public schools will now take the SAT exam instead of the SBAC. The move is aimed at reducing the testing burden for high school juniors who are already subject to many standardized exams. Since most of these students take the SAT in any case, the move will help mitigate the exam stress on students.

The SAT will be used instead of SBAC from the 2015-2016 school year. The exam will be administered free of cost to Connecticut students. However, a particular SAT score will not be required to progress to the 12th grade. Instead, it will be used as one of the measures alongside grades and attendance requirements.

Many experts feel that this move will help more students apply to college and will benefit students from the low-income groups. States such as Kentucky and South Carolina among others already use the ACT for their high school testing requirements.

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