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SAT Requirements for Oxford University

SAT Requirements for Oxford University

Oxford University enjoys a place of pride among all the universities in the UK. With a rich legacy behind the institution, a seat at an Oxford undergraduate program is a dream for thousands of students from across the world. Obviously, SAT scores are an extremely important component of the entrance requirements at Oxford.

SOf course, the admission requirements may vary depending on the programs you are interested in. As far as the academic requirements are concerned, you would be expected to have scores between A*A*A and AAA depending on the course if you are studying A-levels. If you are applying from the US, your SAT subject test scores become extremely important. You can also apply through Advanced Placement Tests in appropriate subjects. You are expected to score a Grade 5 in three or more subjects. For detailed information on international student admission at Oxford, click here.

You must have observed that Oxford is extremely particular about your SAT test scores and past academic performance. It is quite difficult to get admission into Oxford unless you have a stellar academic record and test scores.

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