SAT Score Choice and Super Scoring – What’s the Difference? 

Score Choice is a feature offered by the College Board to reduce the stress of test takers. It essentially gives students control of the scores that they can send to schools. Under the option, if a student has taken multiple exams, he/she can choose to send the scores of the best test day. This option really helps if you have bombed the exam in one of the attempts.

However, some colleges ask for all the test scores. If your target college is one of them, there is no point opting for Score Choice. Test takers should read the policies on the college websites before opting for the feature.

Remember that you can send the best score of only one particular test date with Score Choice. Individual section scores from different tests cannot be selected and sent to colleges.

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Superscoring, on the other hand, is a completely different ball game. When you send all the test scores, the colleges selectively pick your best scores across sections, thus creating a superscore. While colleges receive all your scores, they superscore because it helps push their own rankings and average SAT score northwards. Most schools opt for superscoring.

If your highest scores in each section were not on the same test date, exercising Score Choice will work against you. Opt for Score Choice only if you have really fared badly in the exam or faced imperfect testing conditions. If the school explicitly requests a single test administration score report, you could consider using Score Choice. Since most schools opt for superscoring anyway, it is a good idea to send all your SAT scores to colleges. If you do not exercise Score Choice, all scores are automatically sent to schools.

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