SAT Score Requirements for Carnegie Mellon University

Applying to Carnegie Mellon University? Then you need to know about the numbers that go behind the admission process. Being one of the top-ranked universities in the US, Carnegie Mellon offers world-class undergraduate programs and exciting career opportunities to its students. Needless to say, SAT scores play a vital part in the admissions process.

Carnegie Mellon requires applicants to take the SAT and the SAT Subject tests. The subject test requirements vary according to the program. The institute pays close attention to your high school performance and consider it to be one of the main factors during the admission process. So, if you are aiming for a program at the university, make sure you have a high GPA. The average GPA number hovers around 3.80 which makes it extremely competitive.

Now, let us look at the SAT score requirements for Carnegie Mellon University

We have drawn up a table which showcases the admitted student average (middle 50% range) SAT scores according to the college/program.

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College SAT Critical Reading (Middle 50% score range) SAT Mathematics (Middle 50% score range) SAT Writing (Middle 50% score range)
College of Fine Arts 620-730 640-740 630-720
Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences 670-760 710-790 690-780
Engineering 680-760 750-800 690-780
Information Systems 690-760 730-800 690-790
Mellon College of Science 680-760 740-800 690-780
School of Computer Science 730-800 790-800 740-800
Tepper School of Business 670-760 730-800 680-770
Intercollege Programs 720-790 730-790 700-790

(Source: Carnegie Mellon University)

So, if you are gunning for an undergraduate engineering program, aim to be around the 2100-2300 score range. You can use this table as a reference guide to estimate SAT scores for the program of your choice.

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