SAT Score Requirements for Stanford

Stanford University is one of the most selective schools in the US. Every seat in the undergraduate program is tightly fought and you need pretty good numbers to make it to the admitted list. At an admit rate of 5%, you know that you are looking at a pretty steep hurdle.

Before looking at the SAT score requirements for Stanford, let us look at the GPA numbers. About 76% of the admitted class in undergraduate programs boast of GPA in the range of 4.0 and above. This means you need to be on top of your academics to give yourself the best chances of admission to Stanford. Only 3% of the admitted class has a GPA less than 3.70.

Here is the breakdown of the admitted Stanford class according to the scores obtained in different sections of SAT.

SAT Critical Reading Score Percent of Admitted Class
800 22%
700-799 52%
600-699 23%
Below 600 4%


SAT Math Score Percent of Admitted Class
800 29%
700-799 51%
600-699 19%
Below 600 2%


SAT Writing Score Percent of Admitted Class
800 21%
700-799 55%
600-699 21%
Below 600 4%

(Source: Stanford)

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This clearly shows that the university sets a high bar for admission. In the SAT critical reading and section, nearly three-fourth of the admitted class has scored above 700. In the Math section, 80% of the students have a score above 700. If you have a low score in SAT, you need to compensate it with an extraordinary application. Otherwise, your chances of admission at Stanford are extremely slim.

If you are applying to Stanford, aim to have a SAT score in the range of 2200-2300. Take free practice tests to improve your SAT Score.

You also need to have a pretty good GPA. So, along with SAT preparation, also focus on getting a good GPA and building a strong overall application.

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