SAT Vocabulary Tips

For students taking the SAT, vocabulary is always on top of their minds. Test takers want ways in which they can memorize as many words as they can and be confident on the exam day. Mastering the SAT vocabulary is an easy way to get some quick points under your kitty.

Here are some SAT vocabulary tips which will help you excel in the exam:

1. Read : 

In the run up to the SAT, make sure that you read novels or magazines during your study break. Not only will this prepare you for the reading comprehension questions, it is also the easiest way to learn some new words. Keep a dictionary and you will be good to go!

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2. Flashcards:

 A lot of test prep companies provide free flashcards are great tools to master new words.

3. Learn on the run:

 Vocabulary is one section you can keep working on even when you are travelling or waiting at the line in the supermarket. Make use of mobile apps for this purpose.   

4. Revise:

While flashcards offer a great way to learn new words, you can quickly forget the words and their meanings if you do not revise them. Always keep coming back to old word lists after 5-7 days.

5. Always look at word usage :

It would be a good idea to Google the usage for certain words which are hard to understand. If you want, you can even write them down to cement these words in your memory.

6. Use these words:

 It would be a good idea to try and use the words in your everyday language. Apart from impressing your friends, this will also help you lot during the exam. You can also use them in the practice essays that you take before the exam.

Remember that SAT is not a vocabulary intensive exam. There are only some questions which are completely based on your vocabulary skills. Don’t obsess over this section. By all means learn new words, but not at the cost of ignoring other sections.

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