SAT Workshops for Tutors

The College Board has a great set of resources for SAT tutors. The institution offers SAT workshops for tutors. These workshops helps the SAT teachers learn more about SAT topics and guide their students towards success.

Public SAT workshops for teachers are available throughout the year at various locations in the US. Teachers can use the online registration tool provided by the College Board to register for these workshops. Educational organizations can also request for private workshops.

The following workshops are available for SAT tutors:

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  1. SAT Skills Insight – This workshops helps the educators identify their strengths and weaknesses and provides strategies for improvement. SAT Skills Insight links academic skills, SAT skills and skills for college success.
  2. Animating Student Writing – This workshop is designed for the English teachers. Attending this workshop provides teachers with the necessary skills needed to guide students towards improving their argumentative writing skills.
  3. Holistic Scoring Workshop – This workshop helps educators to evaluate writing according to the impression it creates. SAT teachers learn about evaluating and scoring essays holistically, writing essays in timed conditions, constructing writing prompts and other such strategies.
  4. School-based SAT Preparation – This workshop is an extension of The Official SAT Teacher’s Guide. This educates teachers about the SAT format and different question types in critical reading, mathematics and writing sections. It helps them to align their preparation sessions according to the needs of the students. Additionally, it also helps them leverage SAT Readiness Program resources more effectively.
  5. Writing Preparation for Educators of ESL/ELL Students – This is a workshop designed for educators to guide students who have exited ESL/ELL classes recently towards success in the SAT writing section. It is designed for teachers to diverse students tackle the writing section. It provides them with strategies to motivate and empower these set of culturally and linguistically diverse students to score well in the section.

The attendees of the SAT workshops receive SAT preparation materials, an activity manual and ScoreWrite (a guide for the SAT essay section).

For more information regarding SAT workshops for teachers, visit here.

As a SAT tutor, you should look to attend these professional development workshops. These workshops help you to polish your existing skills and empower you with advanced preparation strategies for your students.

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