Should I cancel my SAT scores?

If you feel that you did not perform particularly well in SAT, the College Board allows you to cancel your SAT scores. While this gives students a lot more control, you should think hard before you decide to cancel your scores.

How do you do it?

In case you wish to cancel your SAT scores, you have two options:

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Do it at the test center on the exam day itself.

You can submit a written request and send via mail, courier or fax. You have time till the next Wednesday after the test date.

Why should you do it?

You should cancel SAT scores only if you truly underperformed on the day. Sometimes, you maybe genuinely unwell, going through a rough time in your personal life or face improper testing conditions. In this case, canceling your SAT scores is perfectly justified.

However, we suggest not canceling your SAT scores on the day of the exam. Test takers are often exhausted after such an exam. If you could not solve a few questions, doubts start to creep in. And that’s perfectly normal. Do not let these doubts guide your decision towards score cancellation.

Go home, relax and speak to your mentors or other friends. Take a call after speaking to them and analyzing your performance. If you only have doubts about a few questions, do not cancel your scores. In case you have genuinely bombed a couple of sections, go ahead and submit the written request.

In case you have taken the SAT subject tests, remember that canceling one score will lead to cancellation of scores from all other subject tests taken on the same date. A special request of canceling one SAT subject test score will be considered only in case of equipment failure. If you feel you have underperformed in only one of the SAT subject tests, we suggest you take the scores.

In most cases, test takers instinctively know when they have done very badly in the exam. Let that instinct guide you.

Remember that you always have the option of ‘Score Choice’, a feature which gives you control on where to send your scores. Most colleges superscore the SATs i.e. consider only the highest scores for each section. Same goes for SAT subject tests. So, if you think you have done pretty well in some sections or subject tests, it might be worthwhile to take the scores.

Never take a hasty decision about canceling your SAT scores. If your assumptions about the exam were wrong, you might even land the college of your choice. So, accept the scores if you are in two minds. You can always retake the exam if needed.

Retaking the SAT? Start preparing today.

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