Should you send SAT scores early?

Many students wonder about the right time to send in their test scores. This has become even more confusing with the Score Choice option available to students. So, should you send your SAT scores early?

You should know that the ideal time to send SAT scores is one month before the application deadline. In case of rolling admissions, you should send scores atleast a month before the application is submitted.

The College Board provides a Free Score option to test takers. Under this option, students can opt to send their scores to four colleges free of cost when registering for the exam. The problem? You cannot view your score before you send them to these four schools. So if you had a bad day at the exam, you cannot stop these four colleges from receiving your low scores.

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We do not recommend sending your scores blindly especially when the Score Choice option is available to you. While sending scores to four colleges is convenient (and free), it does not offer any remedial measures in case you bomb the exam. If students have taken the SAT multiple times, Score Choice allows them to send their best test date scores to colleges.

It is also important to keep the individual policies of your target colleges in mind. Some colleges want applicants to send in all their SAT scores. Some will consider scores from all the exams and choose the highest among all the sections. Some of them also respect the Score Choice option.

The takeaway: It is not important to send the SAT scores early if you are well within the application deadline. Also, keep an eye out for college policies on sending scores.

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