Students Brace Themselves For The New SAT

Students sitting in the test centres on March 5 , 2016 will become the first ones to take the new, redesigned SAT. The College Board announced the change in order to test skills that are more relevant to college and careers. Many experts have linked the change in format of the SAT to keep the exam more relevant amidst rising preference for ACT. The last revision in SAT was done back in 2005.

Changes In The New SAT

There are lots of changes in the new SAT. With an emphasis on evidence-based answers, the new SAT will test students in a wider range of texts. Aptly dubbed a ‘text-based test’, test takers can expect more dense text in their math and reading sections. The exam will also reduce its emphasis on vocabulary. Another big change is the optional essay for students.

The structure of the exam itself has undergone a huge change. The new SAT will only have two sections – Evidence-based Reading & Writing and Math. The exam will be scored on the 1600-point scale and there will be no penalties for wrong answers.

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Preparation Resources

While students and parents are worried, they are doing the best to prepare themselves for the exam. Apart from traditional paid test prep services, they have relied heavily on free resources offered by Khan Academy and QS LEAP. The College Board itself has stated that the questions will be fairly straightforward and students will be comfortable with the new, redesigned SAT.

To know more about the changes in the new SAT, click here.

All the best to students taking the exam on March 5th. If you have any questions, feel free to post it in the comments below.

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