Tackling SAT Sentence Correction Questions

A very important part of the SAT Writing section involves finding errors in sentences and correcting them. This is a test of your grammar skills and measures your ability to make coherent sentences.

Here are some tips for tackling SAT sentence correction questions:

  1. Read the sentences carefully – This one’s coming straight from the folks at College Board. Read the entire sentence carefully and quickly, paying close attention to all the underlined choices from (A) to (D).
  2. Underline the word that needs to be changed – It is a good practice to underline the word or phrase that has to be changed. You can also find a sentence without any error.
  3. Look out for common grammatical mistakes – Your first instinct in these problems should be to find out typical grammatical errors. Look out for tenses, subject-verb agreement and parallelism errors, among others.
  4. Avoid subtle traps – A common way to confuse test takers is adding a lot of words in the form of prepositional phrases or adjectives to make the sentence longer and more confusing. The actual error may be located in a very small portion of the sentence. Remember to look out for the typical grammatical errors.
  5. Use elimination – If you cannot spot the error, go back the other way by eliminating answer choices. Elimination helps you narrow down your answer choices which can be used to arrive at the right answer.
  6. Don’t be afraid to select the original sentence – Sometimes the best answer may be the original sentence. It can happen that the original sentence has no errors at all.
  7. Practice makes perfect – Solve a lot of practice problems and practice tests to really get this question type under your belt. After solving questions, make sure you analyze your mistakes. These mistakes should not be repeated in the subsequent practice sessions.

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