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Top 15 best paying college majors

Yes, knowledge is paramount but at the end of the day, we all want the majors we select- to feed us, clothe us and help us pay back the humungous college debt without economically (and practically) crippling us. College is expensive. Not just in terms of money invested but considering the four very valuable years …

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Most Popular College Professors

We all remember Robin Williams as John Keating from the movie Dead Poets Society. Most of us have dreamt of becoming a teacher like Keating was or those with humbler ambitions have at least yearned for a teacher that could fill his onscreen shoes. Here is a list of four brilliant and decorated professors from …

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Unique college majors that only few have heard of

Let’s face it- the days of the regular, boring, conventional courses are now almost at the brink of dying lazy deaths. Yet, most of us end up opting for those traditional majors that ensure us steady paychecks, respect and secure futures. But, what about those who aren’t meant to walk on the beaten track? What …

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How To Get Into Vanderbilt University?

Joining a prestigious institute like Vanderbilt University can be daunting for a majority of undergraduates. If you are also assessing your chances, here is a guide to tell all that you should know about Vandy and its admission procedure. Vandy or Vanderbilt is a private university in Nashville, Tennessee running 4, 5, and 6 years’ …

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Analyzing Statement Of Purpose

Statement of Purpose or SOP is a Personal Statement of an applicant aspiring for admissions to higher studies in any academic course. Students are required to talk about their past personal and academic background, along with professional experiences, if any, and spell out the goals and ambitions of life. In this document, candidates have to …

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Guidelines For Writing Statement Of Purpose

INDIVIDUALIZED The primary purpose of SOPs & essays is not to test your writing abilities, but to know who you are. Therefore, one should try to make it very personalized by digging out incidents from one’s personal life and not draw general conclusions. This would ensure your broad and diverse picture is portrayed before the …

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