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Taking SAT Practice Tests

Taking SAT Practice Tests

Before taking the SAT, it is always good to prime yourself for the rigours of the exam by opting for SAT practice tests. Practice tests are great because they simulate the exam under the same conditions. Moreover, you will understand crucial things such as time management and endurance needed to sustain the SAT. Through the mock scores, you get a fair assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and understand areas that need improvement.

After spending time on practice and lessons, full length practice tests are the perfect indicator for your preparation. As an applicant, you might feel confident about some areas, but practice tests might reveal the true picture. It is always a good ‘practice’ to take atleast some mock exams before the actual SAT.

Thankfully, there are tons of resources available for SAT practice tests. Every year, the College Board itself offers one free SAT practice test on their website. While you can only find one on the official website currently, earlier SAT practice tests given out by the College Board are easily available online.

Apart from that, there is the SAT Study Guide (also referred to informally as The Blue Book) released by the test makers themselves. Apart from practice questions and descriptions, the guide contains 10 SAT practice tests, including three recent ones. The SAT Guide is available at $21.99 on the official website.

It is great to use these practice tests on your run up to the exam as they are very accurate representations of the exam that you take on the D-Day. You can use them as full length tests or even for focused section-wise practice. However, you must take a few full length tests to really get attuned to the SAT. Since they are made by the test makers themselves, there is no better way for self-assessment than using these mocks.

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